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Casino Analyst

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Casino Analyst
Online Casino
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Casino analysts play a vital role in the improvement of online casinos. Without their data, the casino company wouldn't know what they're doing right or wrong. This is a key position within a company, that could lead to some pretty impressive things.

About Casino Analyst


A Casino Analyst is directly responsible for collecting and synthesising data for management. This data will then be used to inform decision making in the casino. Another element of the role is to collect data which will assess operational and marketing performance. Data collection and analysis is an excellent way of identifying areas for improvement. The analysis can shape how the casino is managed.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Casino Analyst

  • Collecting revenue data to determine which areas of the online casino are performing well.
  • Drafting written recommendations to improve financial performance, efficiency and the effectiveness of marketing strategies
  • Managing analytical processes and procedures
  • Developing new and more effective ways of collecting and analysing data
  • Creates Key Performance Indicators for the management team
  • Developing targets for costs, tournament attendance, casino ratings and player or casino metrics
  • Formulating reporting and dashboard procedures
  • Undertaking detailed profitability and revenue analysis
  • Utilising database software to carry out data modelling
  • Preparing detailed weekly, monthly and yearly reports

Requirements of a Casino Analyst

To work as an analyst you do need to have a quite specific skill set including;

  • A bachelors degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, analysis or economics
  • At least three years experience in data analysis
  • In depth understanding of reporting and database management using tools such as SQL and Excel
  • Superior analytical skills and the ability to synthesise complex data
  • Experience in evaluating detailed data sets, information and solutions
  • Strong problem solving skills to draw conclusions and issue recommendations
  • Teamworking skills and a willingness to work with a number of other teams including finance, marketing, loyalty, revenue management and sales
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to continually improving data collection
  • Knowledge of database systems and tools
  • Technologies such as MySQL, Cognos, Hyperion, SAS, SQL Server, Analysis Services
  • Experience of working in a casino data analysis