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Casino Dealer

Casino Dealer
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About Casino Dealer

Casino Dealer

If you like the thrill of casino games and you want to be a part of casinos from another point of view, you may want to become a casino dealer. In this position, you will have front row seats to a world that you can help make possible.

Job Description

When considering a career as a casino dealer, you will want to know what you are responsible for; the good and the bad. You, as the casino dealer, are in charge of overseeing the table games and that includes operating them. You will be responsible for dealing out cards or blocks, supervising players, checking hands for possible winnings, and collecting chips as well as dealing them out. Casino dealers can work at land-based casinos but also for an online live casino where you’ll be live streamed dealing cards for players around the world.

More specifically, you could be in charge of:

•    Dealing the right amount of cards to each player in the game
•    Checking players bets and calling them out when its wrong
•    Comparing players hands to see who the winner is
•    Exchanging money for chips to customers who want to play
•    Announcing who the winners are and when its time to start a new game
•    Knowing the rules and the standards of each game and make sure that cards and/or other equipment are meeting the guidelines and standards
•    Receiving cash wagers
•    Adding up players winnings and losses
•    Answering questions regarding any game rules and their variations
•    Being on the lookout for anyone at your table that may be scamming/cheating
•    Having players removed from the table if they are not following rules
•    Notifying the supervisor if there are any issues
•    Working with the supervisor to resolve conflicts and issues
•    Bringing in the players to your table
•    Preparing a collections report for each shift and submit it to the supervisor
•    Training new dealers when asked to


Before you work your first table, you need to make sure that you have the skills needed to qualify for this position. Things are going to be hectic sometimes and you need to be able to focus on the game. Here are some basic qualifications needed in order to be a casino dealer

  • It’s important that you have sharp communication skills. There is a degree of activity that you will need to maintain at your table so you can entice players and engage players.
  • You need to have excellent conflict resolution skills as sometimes you will be dealing with issues among players.
  • Casino dealers need to be quick thinkers.
  • Casino dealers need excellent hand and eye coordination.
  • Must have a clean record.

Where to find a Job as a Casino Dealer

Finding a job as a casino dealer may be as simple as looking at job listings online. Casino dealer forums and online casino sites have job listings for online and land casinos. These job listings can be viewed whether you live in the UK or the US. You may also want to consider becoming a dealer for online sites that offer Live Casino options.


When it comes to casino dealers, there are several ways that the casino may choose to pay. Some prefer a minimal base salary that is compatible with the current minimum wage. While other casinos offer different perks that make up for the difference in cash payments. Tips are not normally something casino dealers can count on although some players will tip dealers. The average start out pay for dealers can be as low as under $20,000 per year.

The longer you work as a dealer, your confidence will build and your table will stay busy. The benefit will be that you will make more money. Some dealers will make over $60,000 per year.