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Casino Developer

Casino developers are the best in the industry!

Casino Developer
Online Casino
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Developers are some of the most respected IT professionals in the world; but, even more so if you're a casino developer. The intricacies of this job role means you'll need to be a technical whizz-kid if you want to succeed.

About Casino Developer


Developers are responsible for the design and development of the casino website and applications. They gather information from many sources before creating an appealing and user friendly website. The Developers main role is to create and put in place the web development strategy. Alongside this they will also develop mobile applications and support technical operations. The duties will  often include;

  • Creating web pages using content management systems and platforms such as WordPress
  • Troubleshooting technical issues and resolving customer queries
  • Implementing ecommerce solutions and payment gateways
  • Formulating the websites structure for each game and creating themes or categories
  • Creating and maintaining the company’s blog.
  • Managing website security
  • Coordinating the development of written content
  • Keeping up to date with the latest web technologies
  • Configuring servers, directories and implementing new web features as required
  • Carrying out web and user testing to ensure that the website operates correctly
  • Being on top of the latest in casino technology, such as cashless payments
  • Develop programming scripts to improve the functionality or appearance of the website

Selection criteria for a web developer requires quite specific skills.

These typically include;

  • A degree qualification in design, development or computer science
  • At least 6 years experience in web development
  • Knowledge of web development within a casino environment
  • Advanced understanding of web technologies and tools including FTP, HTTP
  • Expertise in programming languages such as php, HTML5, CSS3 and ASP.NET
  • Project management skills to expertly coordinate development projects
  • Extensive experience in website design and development
  • Experience of working with clients and casino teams to create user friendly websites
  • Skills in maintaining and troubleshooting web servers and databases such as MySQL
  • An up to date gaming license or the willingness to obtain one
  • Commitment to ongoing training

The Developers role is certainly an interesting one. There are definitely plenty of opportunities to progress.  Development is a great area to work in to obtain new technical skills expertise.