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Casino Manager

Casino Manager
Land Based Casino
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About Casino Manager


Casino manager has a high end position in the casino business. A casino manager is sometimes called the gaming manager. This position is responsible for various tasks to oversee the casino and keep it functioning throughout the shift. Shifts are usually long and there is a lot to do while at work.

You will need several years of experience in the casino industry in order to qualify for this position. There are many different tasks that you will be responsible for during your time at work.

Job Description for a Casino Manager

A casino manager wears several hats during their shift. Some job duties include:

•    Supervision of staff
•    Supervision of gaming areas
•    Monitoring security staff and services
•    Overseeing all rules are followed
•    Making sure no regulations are violated
•    Keeps a close eye on costs of operating the casino
•    Prepares budgets

Casino customers must be kept happy and it is the job of the casino manager to make that happen. There are many different positions involved in a casino but the casino manager will ultimately make the experience for the customer, whether it’s good or bad.


There isn’t an educational course available specifically for the field of casino manager. Casinos normally like to hire someone who has some type of experience managing a casino. A general two-year associate degree is always beneficial. Courses that will most likely help in this position includes math, English, and some form of social communication.

In order to understand the games better, most casinos prefer to offer an in-house type of training so you can learn from those whom you will be working closely with.

In some states, you will be required to have a license from gaming control or commission. This license will give you a photo identification to identify you.
You will need to possess great communication skills as you will be the main person to go-to for customers as well as staff.

You will also need lots of experience, in fact, several years of experience will be ideal for this position. Because most of the issues that a casino manager will deal with is not found in textbooks, the best teacher is experience. Working with a senior casino manager or someone who owns the business and works it too is a good place to start. Get the experience as much as you can and when you can.

Where to Find a Casino Manager Job

Look for casino manager positions either online or at your local employment agency. If you are willing to relocate, searching for these positions ahead of time may save you time when you arrive. Searching online for this position may yield better results since more employers are turning to the internet to find more diverse candidates for all positions.


The salary for a casino manager can make $75,000 to is well over $100,000 per year. Salary will be based on experiences, previous casino positions held, and any education you may have received.