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Compliance Engineer

Compliance Engineer
Land Based Casino
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About Compliance Engineer

compliance engineer

Working as a compliance engineer is very rewarding. Earning the title is not easy and once you do, you will want to hold that position for a long time. Being a part of the casino team is going to be hectic sometimes but it will not be dull and boring.

It takes a combination of professionals to make a casino work efficiently. This position requires that you keep the casino up to date and following all compliance orders and requirements set forth by the state. Your main job will be to focus on complying. You will have other duties as assigned by your immediate supervisor.

Job Description

There are many tasks that a compliance engineer is responsible for. These duties include:

•    Works to prevent any issues due to lack of compliance
•    Creates plans by analyzing, researching, creating, and applying ideas to upgrade or update current procedures and systems in order to meet the needs of the business
•    Prepares compliance reports by figuring costs, estimating, preparing a timeline, and more
•    Consistently conducting tests, analyzing, measuring performance, troubleshooting, working with and supervising sub-contractors
•    Creating reports on what is not meeting compliance and creating a recommendation to replace or repair
•    Supervises any revisions or preparations needed in order to update and comply with the current procedures and standards.
•    Keeps management informed of any violations of the rules and regulations and oversees the steps taken to meet compliance.
•    Works within each department of the casino in order to address any deficiencies, updates, or keep abreast of any changes that may be occurring.
•    Oversees the revision, preparation, and dissemination of new and updated compliance standards and procedures.


The qualifications for a compliance engineer include:
•    Must be at least the age of 21
•    Must possess a bachelor’s degree
•    Must have experience in auditing, legal, risk management, and compliance
•    Must have two or more years working in the casino industry
•    Must have an understanding of internal accounting procedures
•    Must have excellent communication skills
•    Maintain all necessary licensing for the casino to operate productively and legally

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for this position. A background in mechanical or electrical engineering is highly recommended. Some businesses will prefer the compliance engineer have a master’s degree in engineering geared toward business administration

Where to Find a Job as a compliance engineer can be the beginning of your search for a job as a compliance engineer. Casino jobs are available with online casinos as well as land casinos.


Experience is important when it comes to figuring out your salary. If you have a bachelor’s degree and you have a certain amount of experience, you will need to include this on your resume when applying for a compliance engineer. Those just starting in this profession may gross around $62,000 for the first couple of years. Between five and ten years, it may go up to $85,000 per year. With a possibility of making more than $95,000 per year with dedication and a proven track record.