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Gaming/Dealing Inspector

Gaming/Dealing Inspector
Land Based Casino
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About Gaming/Dealing Inspector


The main job duty for a gaming/dealing inspector is to supervise all activities that occur around the gaming tables in a casino. Games such as blackjack, American Roulette, Stud Poker, Dice, and Caribbean need monitoring and kept updated at all times in order to comply with the rules and regulations set for each state.

Job Description

Your job description may change a little depending on where you go to work at. The basic job description for gaming/dealing inspector is:

•    Must monitor the floor operations during the shift. You will need to walk around from table to table and observe the operations at each table. You want to look for security as well as courtesy from the staff. You will be looking for performance of casino staff and guests to ensure that all games rules are followed and staff is interacting in a professional manner. Your overall job is to make sure that all games are running smoothly and being professionally handled
•    Be able to solve problems and disputes as they occur and inform management and staff when dealing with a disruptive player/observer in order to decrease the potential for security complications
•    Act as a host to guests who come to the casino. You will want to know how to play all of the games offered in the casino in case you are asked to explain the rules to a guest
•    You will be in charge of determining when a table needs to close or open. You will base your decision on the table limits that are set in the guidelines.
•    You will be in charge of training and overseeing all casino employee training to satisfy the MSC standards and then prepare your report according to operational policies
•    Be a part of the casino table count, complete the paperwork, and submit reports to the casino manager


Being a gaming/dealing inspector keeps you on your toes during your entire shift. You will be in charge of overseeing the daily operations and will be utilizing your skill set every day you go to work. Here are the qualifications needed for this position:

•    A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
•    Bi-lingual – English and at another language such as Spanish or French
•    Have a minimum of three years experience as a dealer in Blackjack, Caribbean, American Roulette, Stud Poker, or Dice. Other games may also be acceptable too
•    Must be able to use sound judgment to make decisions in order to adhere to rules and regulations of the casino
•    Must be able to provide supervision to the staff at the casino during your shift.

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According to, the average salary for gaming/dealing inspector is about $36,000 per year. However the factors that play a role in determining the amount would be the location of the casino, the present industry when you apply, and any experience you may have and benefits that the casino would offer.