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About Host/Concierge


If you are considering a job as a host/concierge at a casino, there are many rewarding reasons why this may be a good choice for you. Because the casino is open late and keeps long hours, you will be responsible for keeping the same hours. If you love what you do, it won’t be a problem. Host/Concierge positions cover everything from managing staff to greeting customers.

Job Description

There are many important tasks that a host/concierge is responsible for. Since this position requires someone who can handle long hours, you need to be dedicated to this position.

Being a casino host/concierge means providing the best customer service you can. There are several ways that you will be doing this; greeting customers as they enter the casino, walking around and talking with random customers, and more.

A casino host/concierge has many responsibilities. These include:

•    Supervising all staff in the gaming area of the casino
•    Develop good relationships with VIP customers
•    Providing excellent customer service
•    Thinking of ways to improve customer service
•    Creating promotional ideas for the casino to bring more people in
•    Being in charge of the staff
•    Knowing what amenities you can offer VIP customers
•    Providing outstanding service by catering to them
•    Be sure that everything is following regulations
•    Greeting the customers as they enter the casino and assisting them with any questions they may have
•    Looking after everyone’s safety as they enter and mingle in the casino
•    Be familiar with all games offered at the casino so you can answer questions if needed
•    Keep outstanding paperwork during your shift which includes recording receipts for bets, dealing with any issues that came up, and more
•    Provide first aid if necessary
•    Review the rules of all the games being offered at the casino


  • You must be willing to work long hours because you are in charge of supervising the staff in the gaming area. A casino is not open like the traditional 9-5 jobs, the casino is just getting started when those 9-5’ers get off work.
  • A bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management is normally required.
  • You must have some form of experience as a host/concierge.
  • You must be willing to make contact with customers and work closely with them to answer their needs.
  • Confidence is certainly a requirement as you will need to put your best foot forward every day when the door opens.

Where to Find a Job as Host/Concierge

Casino host/concierge jobs are available through online job sites such as, and You can also find casino host/concierge positions available on casino websites and employment agencies. If you are already in the hospitality and tourism field, you may be aware of casino job openings. These positions are not open very often and when they are, they get filled rather quickly with qualified individuals.


You can expect to make between $42,000 and $84,000 per year as a casino host/concierge. There are also bonuses, tips, and raises to look forward to.