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Sous Chef

Sous Chef
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About Sous Chef

Sous Chef

A sous chef is considered the next head chef in line. The responsibility placed on the sous chef is a lot like what is placed on the head chef. You must enjoy creating dishes that are ordered, managing the kitchen, working with and supervising the kitchen staff, and dealing with any issues that arise. A position as a sous chef can be very rewarding and will pay off as long as you have the desire.

Job Description

Sous Chefs are the assistant to the head chef. On Casinos, you may be serving breakfast or you may only serve dinner. As a sous chef, you will work most likely during the hours that the head chef is off so one of you will be in command at all times. This will allow for someone to always be in charge of the staff. The kitchen staff will depend on you to supervise different kitchen work stations so that everyone has a responsibility in preparing dishes for the coming shift. You will need to address issues with any staff member you need to and handle things on your own without the constant supervision of the head chef.

You will also be responsible for:

•    Planning complete menus
•    Taking inventory and ordering as needed
•    Training any new kitchen staff
•    Control food costs
•    Supervise the staff which also includes scheduling
•    Oversee the cleanliness of the kitchen and the staff
•    Maintain work equipment
•    Oversee any catering and banquets at the casino
•    Be a leader

The responsibilities for a sous chef will differ depending on the company hiring the sous chef. These factors will determine your work load, how much you get paid, and when you will be working.


You will need a combination of education and experience to end up in this position as sous chef. Most chefs, head chefs and sous chefs typically start as the line cook and works their way up to the higher positions. While working their way up the line into a higher position, they take with them the learning experiences as well.

Education can be obtained through online colleges or on campus college as well. A minimum associate degree in culinary arts is acceptable education for a sous chef.

You must also be able to supervise your kitchen staff, work under pressure, be able to deal with issues such as customers sending their plate back, and gaps in staffing when someone doesn’t show.

Where can you find a Job as a Sous Chef

You can find a position available as a sous chef at a casino by searching online on casino websites. You may also find these positions through a job placement website or virtual job board. Be sure to have a resume ready that displays all the experience you have so far as well as the education.


Sous chefs generally earn around $30,000 to $40,000 per year. There are many factors that determine the right amount of pay. These factors include what country you are working in, type of casino, level of education, and responsibilities necessary in that particular position.