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Surveillance Officer

Keep your eyes peeled in the casino, at all times.

Surveillance Officer
Land Based Casino
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Surveillance officers are responsible for security and safety in the casino. Their work involves safeguarding property, employees and patrons on the premises. Duties also involve monitoring visitor behaviour for suspicious activity including cheating or theft. Many surveillance officers can secure employment without any prior experience. A good standard of education is often all that is required.

About Surveillance Officer


Typical Duties of a Casino Surveillance Officer

The role of the gaming surveillance officer is to monitor the implementation of national casino laws. Additionally, they ensure full compliance with the rules and regulations of the casino. As casinos are open 24 hours a day, the Gaming Surveillance Officer is expected to work unsocial hours. This can include night shifts, late evenings and weekends. Working hours are spent in an observation room which consists of two way mirrors, audio and video monitors. These are used to track activities in the casino. Each area of the casino is recorded so that if an investigation is instigated, audio and video footage can be obtained. Occasionally the officer will leave the observation room to undertake a patrol of the casino. The officer needs to be alert and have the capacity identify any suspicious activity. If anything is found, they have to notify the management team.

The Casino Officer needs to have excellent communication skills. Additionally, they need to compile and deliver detailed reports on casino activity. Knowledge of how the casino operates is beneficial so too is an understanding of each game. Officers must be physically fit in the event that they need to detain individuals prior to the arrival of the relevant police team. Careers in security, the police or the military are beneficial for individuals hoping to secure employment in this sector.

The salary for a Surveillance Officer can range from £14,000 up to £40,000 for more senior roles given time and opportunity for progression.